In India

The yoga ashram I am staying at. To be written about sometime in the future. :)

Hello from Goa, India! I'm at the midpoint in my yoga training right now and I have a couple weeks to go. Yoga really is more than just what we consider yoga in the states - it's a lifestyle and the asanas (physical/positions part) is only a portion of it. I've been living and breathing yoga every day for the past several weeks and I feel like I've only barely scratched the surface. To put it briefly, it's really changed, changing and will continue to change my life.

I don't want to bombard this post with too much info so I'll ration it out into several different posts. I just wanted to poke my head out and say hello and to let folks know I'm alive and safe and so very happy. It isn't too difficult to find a internet cafe here but it's difficult to leave my ashram since there are so many classes to attend and a lot to digest (philosophy, history, physiology of the body, meditation, mantras).

So, next time I find myself in front of a computer, I'll talk a little more about where I am, my teachers and other students, my experience traveling as a single female, Indian people and culture...gosh, there's just so much to share.

Till next time, namaste!

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