Life in India, according to my camera

When everything gets calm, when you remove all your distractions, and when the buzz in your ears and the haze over your eyes dissipate...

You end up seeing more and hearing more than you ever have. 

During my yoga course, we practiced a vow of silence until mid-day, every day. We also designated one day out of the week where we would remain silent the entire day. 

As soon as you close your mouth, everything else gets more vivid. What you hear, what you see, what you taste, what you think. And once you do get to speak, you end up speaking more truth as you had that time to filter out the rubbish things you would've said and save the awesome thoughts you did want to share.

If you ever get the chance to do this, do it. And go outdoors and be a witness. It's amazing, the depth of life that you will see and enjoy. 


I didn't get to capture all the creatures that I saw (trust me, there are A LOT), but here's a few I'd like to share with you.

I could watch these guys dig themselves into sand for hours; there were a few times when I actually did.

Contrary to popular belief, roosters start crowing at THREE AM IN THE MORNING. Trust me, I know.

What these are, I do not know. But they are beautiful, aren't they?

A teeny calf. Awwww

I got to witness star fish season. The sand was studded with a load of these! I wish I would've taken more pictures. I went back to the beach the next day to do so but was too late. 

Peas, growing on the dirt path that leads to the yoga hall; There were also plants that would close it's leaves whenever you touched them. The resident bugs of these plants were dragonflies and lady bugs. 

There were also several monkeys here and there. I had a yellow frog who lived in my bathroom for a couple days. Had 4-5 gecko sightings a day. Oh! We saw a  mongoose! I saw a king cobra, too. 

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