The People I've Met

Every sunset, the beat of the drums gather all sorts of travelers and locals to join in dance and performance
One of the best things, if not the best thing, about traveling is the people you see and meet. On my trip, I met plenty of inspiring people, most of who were far more brave and courageous than I, and I found myself as a perpetual student, constantly learning about and soaking in the complexities/simplicities and the never ending possibilities of life.

Fellow travelers we bumped into during Holi, the Festival of Colors
There were indeed a lot of philosophical discussions had on life, death and spirituality. However, just like the variety of people you meet during travels, the discussions, too, vary and there were a lot highly entertaining talks about music festivals, UK/US celebrities, sex, food, drugs and day-to-day life.

Graduation day with Natalie, Heather and Marcia
Speaking of sex, food and drugs (j/k!), in the span of 5+ weeks, I got to know three really badass girls. We are bound for life through our love for yoga (especially our vrksasana) and all the experiences we shared in India. They definitely kept me sane and quelled any sense of loneliness during my travels.

Most of my yoga family
As always, my travels only intensifies my hunger for more travel. Meeting fellow travelers and hearing their stories of home and the places they've find that there are SO MANY places you want to go to that you never considered or wanted to visit (for me, two new places are Nottingham and Rishikesh).

Seti and Chan, also part of our yoga family
I look forward to seeing the new friends I've made in my future travels. Til we meet again!

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