I'm in a weird transition stage right now, and am figuring out how I should live now that I'm jobless.

I've resorted to eating whatever I have in my cabinets and fridge and watching episode after episode of 30Rock. That's only after many hours of having fits of panic and stress while trying to do everything all at once - find a job, figure out living situation, figure out what to do with student loans, get unemployment benefits, finish my work at this job, tell all my friends, talk to my parents, figure out if i should sell anything...and the most crucial thing I would like to do? Narrow down what I want to do in life, and then categorize them into 'realistic' and 'kinda unrealistic' bins.

I continue to have this struggle between "life is too short, I should do what I want to do NOW" to "I need to secure my future, must. find. secure. job. (said in a robotic way while doing the robot dance, of course)" UGH.

In any case, I need to keep myself healthy to do anything. EXERCISE.

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