tapping out

i went to an all-you-can-eat korean bbq place this past weekend. for freeeee.
i had a fairly good time, met 1-2 cool people and ate a lot. for freeeee.
one particular memory from this night is haunting me. it refuses to leave me alone. i don't feel very good about it.
i out-ate two guys. not just out-ate them, but out-ate them by several plates of meat. and not just out-ate them by several plates of meat...(this is where it gets sad for me)...when they tapped out from being so full, that moment when they were already soooo full from eating one more bite, i was still eating because i was STILL HUNGRY. i wasn't even partially full. no, not even 1/3 full.

yulree's gastromonster needs to calm the heck down.

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