it wasn't my proudest moment.
remember how i said i wanted to improve my writing skills
and that i'd try reading great literature to achieve this?
the first book i picked up was 'confessions of a shopaholic'
it's quite funny, actually
well, the book was okay
but i was referring to how i ended up buying the book
i bought it on a whim
i was never attracted to girly books like this
where the titles include words like "shopping" or "bitch" or "he's just not that into you"
so it was a spontaneous consumption
while i was at the drugstore
waiting for my film to be developed
i also bought makeup i didn't need
dental floss that i did need
and intellectual reading material like the economist
to lessen my guilt for succumbing to girly books
my actions reflecting the very vice of the protagonist

the book left me wanting to spend more
because the protagonist spent tons
or tonnes, if you're british
and she still had a happy ending that brought joy and dolladollabillsyo
and she even scored a tall, hot millionaire
who was more nuts about her than his monies
and since when did books lie to you?
i can spend spend spend and have my happy ending, too! psh.

then i was pretty much bitch-slapped back to reality
when my dog had teeth and gum complications
it cost me some worry, tears and a grand
yeah, a friggin' grand
i don't even say the word grand
because in what case did i ever have to?

i brought lunch to work today
a quiche
a frozen $3 quiche for that matter

Food: I invited several of my friends over for a Chinese New Year mini-celebration. It's my year - the year of the Ox. And so I made ox-tail soup and spicy braised short ribs as my main dishes. Everyone ate till they were full. *pats back*

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