but wear and tear on my mind, i know it's going to make me stronger, but feel weak for now
riding it out, weather the tumultuous life, with benevolent friends by my side
i am strong, yet feel so weak

it's not that i can't find a job, it's the idea of not knowing WHAT exactly WANT to do RIGHT NOW. *sigh*

1) have been meeting some really rad people through yelpity yelp. another win for food.

2) this past year, i've been seeing a gradual evolution in the mother-daughter relationship...
me taking care of mom: check
me buying her makeup: check
me giving her clothes i don't wear and think would look good on her: check
me feeding mom: check
me giving food ingredients to mom: check! i made a whole load of pesto b/c i ended up buying a basket of basil (i had to! they didn't have it in smaller batches!); put some in a panini i made for my mom; she loved it; i gave her the whole load


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