confession #2

Another confession. I watched the same movie two nights in a row and lied about it.

I had been waiting to watch this particular movie for days that actually seemed like years, and through the magical wonders of gchat, I discovered my friend shared the same burning desire. So we set a date to go watch it. Now, a week later, friend number two asked if I wanted to watch the movie. I immediately replied "YES! A thousand times YES," (well, I just said Yes, though I was thinking the former). In my blinding excitment, I momentarily and selectively forgot that I had already set a date with friend number one.
So I went with my friend number two and a few other folks and I watched, I laughed, I cringed, I almost hurled, I laughed some more and loved it. Then the following day, friend number one, who I had initially planned to watch the movie with, texted me, "Ready for the movie tonight?" By then it was already too late to back out without looking like a horrible horrible person, so I went again, I watched again, I fake laughed, faked cringed and fake laughed some more...and you know what? Watching it the second time made me appreciate the movie even more.

There really is no moral of the story here. I just wasted 1-5 minutes of your time, depending on how fast you read.

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