i'm going through a strange/awesome cauliflower phase.strange because i have a serious case of food attention deficit disorder. awesome because roasted cauliflowers are so damn tasty. i've had it almost every single day for the past week.

my wild exploration into the world of roasted cauliflowers
tues: sea salt + cracked pepper + olive oil + lemon zest
wed: cracked pepper + freshly grated parmesan cheese
thurs: sea salt + cracked pepper + curry powder + butterrrrrrrr cuz it's thanksgiving
fri: cracked pepper + the extra smelly crumbly kraft parmesan cheese that comes in that green cylindrical tube cuz my parents house did not carry real parmesan
sat: plain cuz i just wanted to see if it was still tasty; ended up putting garlic salt on it
sun: sea salt + curry powder + olive oil
mon: sea salt + white truffle oil cuz i'm a high roller
tues: no cauliflower; almost though, almost

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