Did that really just happen?

Despite popular belief, my life is not always filled with yft, dates with myself and eight-legged soulmates. I experienced my first car accident yesterday. It wasn't nearly as gut-wrenchingly scary as I had always imagined it to be. Perhaps it was because I was in shock. It felt, "Did that girl really just hit me? No way. Is this real life? Am I hurt? Did I just get hit? Why am I hungry?" I was very surprised how level-headed and calm I was dealing with everything. Post-accident, I wrote down every possible detail including street names and store fronts and took photos of everyyyything.

I'm just so thankful of God's mercy. No one got hurt! So after all the calls to family and my insurance company (go Farmer's!), I celebrated by going to the APEX elections, ate some chocolate and Porto's and kicked butt (or at least I hope so) at my interview.

P.S. I adore my gbf. He commented, "Now your car has character." 

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