Reflect & Plan

I get high from planning. I'm feeling a little light headed even thinking about it right now, actually. For me, planning for the new year is a gift in itself. Merry Christmas to meeee.

Just below are two major suppliers for my planning addiction. This is for my fellow planners/goal-getters.

1) The Perpetual Planner by {paper & type}

my new toy!
I've come across many planners in my day as a planner addict. I could probably even claim that I'm a planner collector seeing that I have about 2 boxes worth in my small studio apartment. That's like 10% of my space.
This, right here, is my favorite of them all. The Goldilocks of planners. Not too big, not too small, just the right size to carry around everywhere. And I love the simplicity and functionality of the structure. I love it so much, I wish we lived in multiple parallel universes so I can have a planner for each universe.

2) Annual Review by Chris Guillebeau of The Art of Non-Conformity
he's living the dream
This guy reminds me of a more artsy version of Tim Ferris. I'm sure they're friends. They probably hang out together during their 4-hour workweeks somewhere in the mountains of Tibet, Chris sipping on yak's milk while he watches Tim practicing Tai Chi with a 102 year old nainai. Oh, how I wish to join them someday.
So Chris - he's adapted the well known business practice of the annual review to plan and set goals for his life every year. He uses his own examples and also has a template for folks to use.

Yay! Let's all get high together!

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