The Story Behind Mister Blue

with our powers combineeeed...

Frequently Asked Questions 

What's with the baguette?
If you had to ask this question, that means you really do not know the power of the baguette. 

How did you tame the spider?
Despite Mister Blue's scary stature and his mean reputation on the streetz, he was actually quite the timid one. I only had to feed him a few jellybellies for him to allow me access to his back. He seemed to really enjoy the popcorn flavored jellybellies. 

What are you wearing?
A blue astronaut jumpsuit. It was fate that brought me to Mister Blue on the day I decided to wear my blue astronaut jumpsuit. Cuz we all know, matchy matchy = fate!

What were you attacking?
We don't attack. We defend.

Where were you going?
Not very observant, are we? We were headed towards the ATM.

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