Three  interesting things I learned this morning:

1) Currently, women have more mentors but men get more promotions.

2) Men's mentors are in higher level positions than women's mentors.

3) Two thirds of America's families are partially or fully supported by working women.

Paraphrased from a presentation given by Ilene Lang, President & CEO of Catalyst.

I also won a $25 gift card to Trader Joe's. Muhaha. More burratta for my tummy.


Narinda said...

1. Did you win from the TJ bag raffle? I've been waiting to win for years.

2. Women are so undervalued in western society. Ugh.

yft said...

hello love,

1) no, it was a raffle at an event i went to! :) so excited to win. i rarely win things!

2) yeah, they're undervalued mostly everywhere!