Back to Basics

At some point or another in our lives, our daily actions, such as brushing our teeth and getting dressed for work, have become mundane to us. But more often than not, these daily actions, these seemingly unimportant acts, actually play quite important role in the quality of our lives. It's just a matter of altering our perspective.

Today, I decided to take 3 daily actions, actions that are never really given much thought, and made them the 3 most important things in my life for the day. .

They were:
1) Shower like it is my first time
2) Snack on an orange like it is my last
3) Sleep like it is the most important part of my day

My goodness. What a difference a change in perspective makes. Making these three "unimportant" actions into super duper important actions really resulted in some newfound appreciation for them.

When I showered today as though it was my first time, I gently shampooed and conditioned every strand of hair like it was my first time, I shaved my legs insanely thoroughly like it was my first time and soaped up like it was my first time, really enjoying how great the lather felt on my skin and how everything smelled.

When I snacked on an orange like it was my last time, I remembered all the fond memories associated to it. Like when my parents and I would pick boxes upon boxes of oranges from the trees in our gated community that once used to be an orange orchard, and we'd snack on it after every meal, never getting tired of it. I savored the act of unpeeling the orange, taking in the zesty aroma it released as I peeled. I examined the pulps with a revived amazement of how awesome it was that I could feel each individual pulp explode in my mouth. I chose to add this as one of my to-dos because I somehow lost my craving for fruits. I never craved it and thus, never ate it. But after this experience, I'm already looking forward to my next orange. :)

My final and most important to-do of the day -- sleep,. I've deemed this as my most important to-do because lately, I have been treating sleep as the least important thing in my life. I held this mentality that I can always sleep later, that there's plenty enough time to sleep some other time. It's been destroying my body, and not to mention my mental wellbeing. I'm hopping into bed after this post even though I'm not tired and even though I have a million of other things I can be doing. One thing I've noticed is that because my urgency to sleep has intensified, I naturally feel as though my time is limited and accordingly, I'm getting all my shizz done faster.