Nom Nom Nom

You are what you eat.

When I don't consume inspiration for a long while, the part of the brain that carries creativity, motivation and critical thinking becomes malnutritioned and shrivels up like how spinach does when exposed to a hot frying pan. It pretty much loses all its integrity.

I'm ravenous for some inspiration. Haha, I need to practice my vocabulary more as well. I initially typed, "I'm ravished." Quite different from ravenous. See what I mean? I'm malnutritioned. Been consuming too much junkfood. Like youtube videos of girls talking about makeup.

In other news:
I did yoga amongst the stars and planets!
In the middle of the planetarium at the Griffith Observatory, to be more specific. Surprisingly, no one stopped to stare (though there were a couple of glances). It was quite liberating.

YFT reaching for the stars and planets, wearing an elmo shirt