Just Ask!

Ask and you shall receive.

I asked and this is what I got. :)

A few folks have inquired how I am able to experience all these new, exciting opportunities. In all honesty, all I really do is ask. 

For instance, one of my goals is to open (or be a part-owner of) a couple of successful restaurants. So a while back, I contacted a restaurant owner, who I eventually found out was the master of an entire restaurant empire, and asked, "How do I get going with my goal?" Fast-forward back to today, and now he's my favorite mentor and a good friend. And he has given me the priceless opportunity of meeting other folks in the industry as well as be a part of his floor team for his new restaurant (open to public starting today). [Check out kevinEats for his experience at the restaurant.] 

Of course, once the asking has been answered with an opportunity, you don't just receive and idly sit there grinning like you did something to deserve it. You get up and kick ass. You gotta be a go-getter not with just words but also with actions. Hiiiya!


In other news: 

-Hosting a private event tonight with guest speakers: Craig Robinson (Pres of KNBC TV), Ronald Litzinger (Pres of Southern California Edison), Jeffrey Kightlinger (CEO of The Metropolitan Water of SoCal) and Connie Tang (Pres of JAFRA). Stoked to hear stories and advice directly from the CEOs and Presidents. We're overbooked at 270 people! 

-Heading to SF this weekend for work. Hope to fit in a visit to Apple headquarters! Also going to try stopping by my favorite tea shop.  

-My team is hosting a APEX Cares Volunteer Appreciation Mixer, February 17. If you're seeking quality volunteer opportunities or interested in meeting people that share the same passion for helping others, join us at Fu-Ga in Little Tokyo! RSVP here

-Putting together an Asian American Bloggers Conference, February 26th at CBS Studios (it's gonna be fun). Open to public! RSVP and more info here

p.s. I can't wait until I wrap up all my upcoming events. Need sleep. And yoga. Stat.