Children and Parents

"Dear Scarlet, Today you didn’t talk to me for 20 minutes after I cut your mickey mouse pancakes into bite sized pieces."

The Dear Scarlet blog, which has become my favorite blog of all time by the way, makes me so friggin' excited to have kids. To explore the world through their eyes and to introduce them to all the wonders of life will be freaking fantastic and mind-blowingly mesmerizing.

Which reminds me... My mom keeps a diary, in an unassuming notebook with a cover adorned with softened images of white and pink flowers, that I've seen around since middle school. Maybe she's had it for longer and I didn't really notice it until I was in middle school, but what I do clearly remember is that around that time, she told me that she was writing in it so she can share it with me one day. 

Since then, I've seen it laying around on my mom's nightstand and I still see it to this day whenever I visit home. But you know, I've never stopped to take a peek. I'm just waiting until the day she wants to share it with me. And I can't wait.


P.S. I also can't imagine just how much my parents love me. I am lucky. I should call them.