Bounce bounce bounce

I nearly bounced out of my seat when I saw this. As many of you already know, since I talk about it way too often with much annoying enthusiasm, I LOVED LOVED LOVED Coachella this year. A bit of a life-changing experience, really.

Thanks for sharing, Miss GLee!

Coachelletta from Sam O'Hare on Vimeo.

My poems and writings on Coachella:

Thousands upon thousands
of excited
red lights
like desert fireflies
all gather
two-legged creatures
come together
at this one place
to be nourished
to be holied
by people
and drugs
3:03 AM
We have arrived.
from Missouri
with his
thick burgundy
and gold speckled beard
that shared his face
with a jovial smile
sat on the trunk of his car
and yelled, “Hellooo!”
He was my first
Coachella Hello
So I let him hold my hand
while we sat and waited
to enter
the new world.
Bacon, eggs
mango salsa
and guacamole
freshly made
makes a good morning
even better
Good morning, Coachella
Morning pt. 2
I woke up to Bach’s harpsichord
that strangely
and perfectly transitioned to
soft acoustic tunes.
Good morning, Coachella.
Morning pt. 3
Warm desert breeze
the familiar breakfast aroma
quiet comraderie
shared laughter
whispered excitement
The calm before the storm…
We are ready.
Good morning, Coachella
Morning pt. 4
I’m thinking of you
in Indio.
Good morning.
She was on a boat. A giant boat made of crisp white butcher paper in the shape of a crane. In the middle of the ocean. Not a particular ocean, not one with a name or one that belonged to a certain territory. It was the motherfucking ocean. The center of the universe, where all bodies of water collide and merge. Where there are no ends or beginnings or middles. No ups, downs, lefts or rights.
The breeze combed her hair and the sweat on her back and arms cooled as she reached out her arms to the sky and soaked in every stimulation that surrounded her being. In one standstill moment, she felt the soft living grass between her toes and the dew that nimbly blanketed her skin. She saw the growing lights in  front of her, behind her, all around her. And like a finely conducted dance, the lights, the wind and the grass began to stir in anticipation of something bigger than themselves. Then from the distance came the slight whisper of a sound, teasing her and everything that surrounded her. Anticipation grew stronger. The sound, like a gentle fog,  gradually creeped into the layers of her skin, into the strands of her hair, into the droplets of sweat, into her blood. Then born within the depths of her soul, the beat awoke at the call of the sound. The beat returned the call, growing stronger, getting louder.
Both escalating, the beat and sound finally collided and embraced each other within her just as any two long lost lovers would after a lifetime of searching and painfully hoping. As the two became one, her heart held its breath, and for centuries time stood still. The boat stopped rocking. The wind hushed. The grass lied down. Her heart swelled and swelled. And swelled.
When it was ready, when she was ready,
It lived.
Hard and fast. The music exploded. From within her. Surrounding her. In the wind, in the stars. Soundwaves were no longer lingering ghosts but bright explosions of life that she could grab with her hands and taste on her tongue. Chords, notes, beats, progressions – no longer entrapped in sound, but liberated and coalesced into colors, lights, air, soil, blood, breeze, touch. Music penetrated every molecule.
Music became all that existed.

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