Date Night Foiled!!

I ate two bars of almond studded chocolate today...
...and I darn well deserved every sinful bite of it.

Was planning on some YFT tonight; a date with myself, to be exact. I was going to take a jasmine-vanilla scented bath, order some yum woon sen, put on some Robin Thicke, turn off all the lights except for my reading light...and read. You don't understand. I've been wanting, needing, desiring reading time for quite a while now. Oh hey, wanting and desiring are the same thing yet I used them in one sentence! Mmhmm. Indeed I did. That's just how much I yearned for my reading time.

I've had Tim Ferris' 4-Hour Work Week for the longest time and have yet to read it. Tonight was going to be the night. Once again, 80 hour work week gets in the way.

Song of the day: Lost Without You (Robin Thicke)

Pavlov was right. This comes on and my body automatically starts groovin.

Oh! And here is a really shoddy picture of the event that I paneled. I should've asked someone to take a picture while I was up there. Darn. Next time. The guy in the photo is none other than Mr. Robert Townsend. Charismatic leader, this guy.

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