Dear Community Creepers,

You! Yes you, the one sitting by the bar mentally marking the drunk single girl, waiting for her to have her final gulp. Yes, we talk about you. And heck yeah, we know who you are. We aren't oblivious and we aren't quiet about it either. Despite how cordial and professional we may be with you, we really are disgusted by you and share notes with all our girlfriends (and some guy friends) on why you epitomize the role of Creeper McCreeperson.


There are 3 types of creepers out there in the community to watch out for. I've listed them in the level of intensity, starting from low ending at dangerously high.

First, there are the harmless creepers. Closet creepers. The nice ones who just really haven't gotten any in a long time and need to release their extra pent up energy by showing some type of (most of the time inappropriate) affection towards their gal pals. Whether it's a hand on the lower back or an awkward squeeze of the arm, it just doesn't sit right with us. You may be nice, but ew, you are still creepy.

Then, there are the more douchey creepers, who all seem to have a inexplicable bond to the word, "babe." Did you all learn that in Douchebaggery 101? We are not your babes. And one day, I hope you realize that verbally degrading us does not make us hot for you.

Then finally, the super, should-be-put-to-jail creepers. The city should really make a law requiring these type of guys to always wear a neon badge flashing the words, "Caution: Creep." As disturbing as it sounds, these are the guys I wouldn't be surprised to hear about in a serious conversation about rape or sexual harassment.
And on an even more disturbing note, I can name two guys in the community that match this profile.


If you are girl reading this, I really encourage you to voice yourself. Name these fools (especially type 3) to your friends, warn your girlfriends, even confront the fools if you have it. Because really, it's better to be a bitch than be sorry.


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