Thanks, beer

It even amazes me, oftentimes, how intolerant my body is to alcohol. I was on my 8th or so sip on my apple cider beer/Guinness last night, and I already started to see the signs. My thought process slowed, I became more affectionate, words started slurring, I got super duper sleepy and I wanted to throw up. It was as amusing to me as it was to my friend who was a witness to it all. From what I remember, I believe our bartender and a couple other patrons found it quite entertaining as well.

My friend and I sat at the bar and talked - me, drunkenly; him, not so much. I don't want to advocate drinking or anything, but man, it really does loosen you up. I was able to talk about things that I would usually never speak of - things that are on my mind and heart, things that are bothering me, things that are way bigger than what I can handle. It was an enlightening conversation that allowed me to see a bigger reality. Helped me out in ways my friend probably doesn't even realize.

Not sure if it was the alcohol or if it was my friend, most likely both, but one sure thing is that I woke up this morning feeling much better. Lighter. Happier. 

I should do this more often. Beer + friends.

Song of the day: Definition (my husband Mos Def & Talib Kweli)
Summer of '09 was spent listening to this.

TWO songs of the day: Limit to Your Love (Feist cover by James Blake)
Too good to not share.

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