Grateful Alive

Ultimately, do what makes you happy. And do it wisely. Whether you get married at twenty five or at fifty five, whether you decide to risk your life and go to Egypt by yourself or decide not to, who is to say what you're doing is right or wrong? Just really listen to yourself. Yes, listen to others to a certain extent, but take what they have to say as choices, not answers. Because really, it's your life. Don't let others tell you what you need to do. Listen to yourself, do what you want to do, and have the guts to own up to it and learn from it if it doesn't turn out the way you want it to.

These were the thoughts going on in my head as I was listening to a man, not naming who but apparently really influential and famous, talk on for hours about how we should do this and do that. He had some good pointers, I must admit, but not really things I didn't know already. Thought he was wasting my time, but realized if it was't for him and his never-ending somewhat condescending prose about how much he knows about life, I wouldn't have been challenged tonight to think and stand up for what I really believe. It was surprisingly refreshing.


Postscript - Woke up feeling a little down for thinking ill thoughts of this man; the man I previously wrote about the night before (above). He was only trying to pass on his life lessons to us, albeit with a very cocky attitude, and I thank him for that. I must've filtered out all the BS he spit at us as well as his condescending I-am-more-powerful-than-thou demeanor during my sleep, because when I woke up, one thing he said stuck out at me - which was to be grateful. And I realized I am! I am grateful to have met him. I am grateful for a life where I have the freedom to wake up in my own bed and have the time to think about these things.

Song of the day: Try a Little Tenderness (Sung by Otis Redding, written by Irving King)
King of Soul. Yes, indeed.

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