I talk the talk but don't see much walking these days. Regarding materialism that is. Throughout my life, I was always proud to say that you could just drop me off anywhere in the world and I would survive,and I would survive well. Make a million new friends, master that culture's cuisine and language, et cetera et cetera. With just the shirt on my back. And pants on my legs, too. B/c it'd be weird if I was just wearing a shirt.

I look around my apartment and I wonder, what the hell is all this stuff doing in my apartment? Do I really need another cushion? Do I really need another picture frame? What. The. Heck. I know I've always had a tendency to collect. As a child, I used to collect the Sunday comics from the Modesto Bee. I remember discovering a whole box full of them on my last visit to my parent's place. I always keep little reminders of friends - notes that were passed back and forth in classes, doodles, little presents that really have no use. Oh, and it's reallly really really hard for me to get rid of books. It sucks when I move b/c they're the heaviest to carry/transport. 

Compared to a lot of other folks, I know I have very little. Still, I'm appalled by all these things that have become a "need" to me within th past several years. For instance, I have a problem when it comes to reusable bags. Y'know, those totebags that you can get everywhere these days? I counted how many I have this morning. I have 32 of them. Yes, I've gotten them from TJ's, Ikea, work and events. Mostly from events where they're given out for free. Dinners, galas, festivals, conferences. This is after I've taken many home to AZ for my mom to use. Oh geez! 

Must reduce. Thinking of befriending Craigslist for the next couple weeks. First sell my DVDs, CDs, then my books, some electronics. Then perhaps I'll digitize a lot of the documents that I've held onto. All the notes I'd written on paper, I can transfer to my laptop. 

Okay! Here we go, my dear friends. The Operation of Eliminating Stuff From My Life. TOES FML!


P.S. Thanks for inspiring me to declutter.

Song of the day: Simply Beautiful (Al Green)
This is my go-to song for almost everything. For when I want to groove, fall asleep, wake up, work, play, smile wide, smile with my heart, sing in my head, sing out loud, spend time with loved ones, spend time alone....everything, I tell ya. 

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