Simply Beautiful

The air turned off in the building. That's when the quiet in the room reintroduces itself and reminds me that it's time to go home. I look at the clock and realize that I haven't seen sunlight all day except for the short hour during lunch.

That depresses me so. At least I have my desktop background to stare at once in a while. It's a photo of the sky. It's quite a sight to see and serves as undeniable proof that life is simply beautiful.

This, below, helps as well. Wrote it on my blackberry notepad while driving eastward bound on the 10 fwy to Arizona a couple weeks back. I'm sure I'll get to hang out with the sky again soon. 


I saw a miraculous thing as I was driving home to Arizona today. From my rearview mirror, I beheld the sun slowing settling into the earth. As the landscape soaked in the glowing orb, the sky released a splash of coral-pink hue, as though blushing at the sight of something magnificently naughty.
The sun and the earth made love for all the world to see, and the sky and I were the only ones who witnessed it.
Cue the love making music!

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